Spergo Net Worth and Biography 2024

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In the fast-paced world of streetwear fashion, one name stands out: Trey Brown. From Philadelphia’s challenging streets to the forefront of fashion entrepreneurship, Trey’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. As of 2024, Spergo, Trey’s brainchild, boasts a remarkable $2 million valuation. Let’s explore Trey’s story and the phenomenon of Spergo.

Spergo Biography 2024
Name Trey Brown
Age 15
Location Philadelphia, USA
Business Spergo – luxury streetwear and lifestyle brand
Founding Year 2018
Founder Trey Brown
Co-founder Sherell Peterson (Trey’s mother)
Shark Tank Appearance Season 13
Investor Daymond John
Investment $300,000 for 20% equity in Spergo
Valuation $2 million (as of 2024)
Key Achievements – Started Spergo at age 12 with $178
– Helped mother retire by age 13
– Received mentoring and funding from P. Diddy
– Appeared on Shark Tank, securing investment from Daymond John
Philanthropy Trey aims to inspire young entrepreneurs worldwide
Future Goals Trey aims to become a millionaire by age 21
Brand Mission Empowerment, resilience, and authenticity
Social Media Presence Over 110,000 followers on Instagram
Revenue $2.5 million in 2021
Profit Margin Around 15%
Notable Supporters NBA community, Philadelphia 76ers, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Meek Mill, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill

Trey’s Journey Begins

Raised in Philadelphia, Trey’s upbringing instilled in him a drive to overcome challenges. At just 12, he started his entrepreneurial journey with $178, buying and customizing shirts to sell. The response was overwhelming, igniting Trey’s passion for business.

Spergo: A Vision Unfolds

In 2018, Trey officially launched Spergo, a luxury streetwear brand with a message of empowerment. Despite obstacles, Trey’s perseverance propelled Spergo forward.

A Mother’s Support

Trey’s mother, Sherell Peterson, played a pivotal role, joining him as COO. Together, they navigated the complexities of running a growing business.

Shark Tank Success

In 2021, Trey and Sherell appeared on Shark Tank, captivating the Sharks with their story. Daymond John, founder of FUBU, saw potential in Trey and invested $300,000 for a 20% stake in Spergo.

Trey’s Impact

Beyond fashion, Trey aims to inspire young entrepreneurs worldwide. His story is a testament to resilience and self-belief.

Looking Ahead

As Spergo continues to flourish under Trey’s leadership, the world eagerly awaits its next chapter. With its message of empowerment, Spergo isn’t just a brand – it’s a movement, led by a visionary teen defying expectations

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