What is the full form of THG ?

The full form of THG is “The Honor Guard“. It is also known as the Guard of Honor (US), is also ceremonial guard, is a guard usually of the character of the military, elected to receive or oversee the leader of the State or other senior official. nobody, the deceased. in war. State ceremonies, especially funerals. In the army, especially the police, the guards, usually made up of soldiers from the same building, created a saber bow. In principle, any military unit can be a good bodyguard. However, in some countries certain specialist positions are chosen to serve as physical supervisors and other specialist functions.

What is the full form of THG ?

Guards of honor also serve in the police and other deceased civilian officers. Some churches, particularly the Anglican Church and the Methodist Church, have a tradition of custodians of the funeral rites of the elders. Fall or hear if the deceased was buried elsewhere or buried. [1] The practice of placing bodybuilders as a symbol of respect also occurs in sports, especially in the United States.

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