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What is the full form of PUC?

 1. PUC : Pre-University Course

The Full Form of PUC is “Pre-University Course”. The PUC represents most of the pre-university courses called Intermediate or Additional 2 (10 2) in India. This course is taught by the Board of Education or the National Board of India in India and the course duration is 2 years. Students must have a PUC to apply for a course at Indian universities. This is a postgraduate course offered by the Board of Education to prepare you for college.

What is the full form of PUC?

Students who wish to attend a pre-university institution must obtain a Certificate of College Studies (SLC). The Indian study follows 10 2 3/4/5 standards. 10 years of study, including 5 years of primary education and 5 years of secondary education. Two years of study are pre-university or intermediate courses. The duration of a college course in India is 3 to 5 years depending on the course chosen by the student. PUC is provided by PU colleges or universities in India. 

Advantages of  Pre-University Courses 

  • PUC has two years where students can explore their strengths and develop an interest in the field in which they want to work. 
  • PUC teaches students to pursue careers. 
  • Students can understand the outside world outside of school and recognize the real issues they will face.

Opportunities After Pre-University Courses

  • Small colleges usually offer three options for PUC, such as science, business, and performing arts.
  • Students eligible for PUC with Science Stream can choose from specialized courses in Nursing, Medicine, Medicine, Agriculture, and Engineering at Indian universities. These students can also opt for a B.sc (Bachelor of Science).
  • Eligible students for PUC with Business Administration can choose between Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration from Indian universities.
  • Students eligible for PUC with Arts Stream can choose from design courses such as BA (Bachelor of Arts), D.ed (Diploma in Education), BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), or Fashion Design. 

2. PUC: Pollution Under Control

The Full Form of the PUC is “Pollution Under Control”. This is a certificate issued to vehicles that have passed the PUC test. Information Management System (PUC) is a requirement for all road vehicles such as two-wheeled, four-wheeled and other utility vehicles. Gasoline vehicles were tested for tailpipe emissions and diesel vehicles were tested for free throttle smoke. A valid driver’s license, legal certificate and PUC certificate are important documents that every car owner should have when driving in India. This certificate is issued by the State Department of Transportation.


Different vehicles have different models, but in order to obtain a valid PUC certificate, the vehicle must meet the following conditions:

  • Two- and three-wheel (2/4 stroke) vehicles designed by March 31, 2000 at the latest emit only 4.5% CO and 9,000 ppm hydrocarbons.
  • If your 2-wheel and 3-wheel (2-stroke and 4-stroke) were manufactured after March 31, 2000, you would emit 3.5% CO and 6000 PPM of hydrocarbons and 3.5% CO and 4500 PPM.
  • 4WD vehicles designed according to Pre Bharat Phase II standards emit only 3% CO and 1,500 PPM of hydrocarbons.
  • The emission limits for Pre Bharat Phase II, Phase III, or a four-wheel drive vehicle designed for this model are 0.5% CO and 750 PPM of hydrocarbons.

Some Other Full Forms of PUC

  • Page Update Checker
  • Pants up crack
  • Paris Université Club
  • Partnerships to Uplift Communities
  • Party Union Clash Politics
  • Passive Uplink Connection
  • Pathé Unlimited Card
  • Pay Up, Chump!
  • Payroll Unit Code
  • PCI Universal Communications
  • Pentecost University College
  • Per Unit Cell
  • Per Unit Choice
  • Permanent UNIMARC Committee
  • Personal Unlock Code
  • Personal Update Checker
  • Personal User Console
  • Personalized Unique Collection
  • Personnel Under Control
  • Pierce Ultimate Configuration
  • Pollution Under Control
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica
  • Postal Union Congress

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