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What is the full form of NSS?

 The  NSS stands for  the “National Service Scheme“. It is a public service sponsored by the Indian government and reporting to the Ministry of Youth Sports and Sports. India’s National Service Scheme (NSS) is a partnership that engages middle and high school students in a variety of activities that help them learn about community realities and work for relationships. At B.com, I also learned a lot about community service as a member of the NSS. It was released on September 24, 1969 for the purpose of educating students and youth through community service. The motto of the NSS is “Not me, but you”.

What is the full form of NSS?

 Objectives of the NSS are:

Not Me But You is The slogan Of The NSS, which informs the concept of community living and calls for self-help. The vision of the NSS is based on the idea that human health depends on the health of all, therefore participants in the NSS must work on the health of all human beings. The main objectives of the SSN are:

  • to help them understand the communities in which they live and work
  • to help them understand each other about the community
  • Involve students or young people in identifying community needs and problems and participate in problem solving.
  • Foster the sense of belonging and responsibility of young people
  • Encourage them to find personal and social solutions.
  • Confidence in the skills necessary for teamwork and teamwork
  • Help to acquire good manners and culture.
  • Improve response capacity to emergencies and natural disasters
  • Practice and promote integration and national relations.

Logo of NSS

  • The NSS logo can be found on the NSS sign. The logo is inspired by the huge Rath Log at the famous Konark Sun Temple in Orissa, India. 
  • The blue and red colors of the logo encourage NSS participants to participate and rave about developing countries. 
  • The color red means that the candidate is healthy, passionate, determined and full of youth. 
  • The colors of indigo symbolize the world that NSS is only a small part, and therefore ready to promote its health and well-being among individuals. 
  • The logo wheel shows the design and storage cycle, and shows the movement of space and time in reality. 
  • It thereby demonstrates social cohesion and success and underscores the NSS’s continued pursuit of change in the community.

Some Other Full Forms of NSS

  • Name Service Switching
  • Namibia Scientific Society
  • Nanakaland Space Ship
  • National Screen Service
  • National Search and Rescue Secretariat
  • National Security Service
  • National Security Strategy
  • National Space Society
  • National Speleological Society
  • National Standards System
  • Navy Standardized Score
  • Necklace Sterling Silver
  • Nintendo Sega Sony
  • Nodal Switching System
  • Normal Saline Solution
  • Normal Size and Shape
  • Northern Secondary School
  • Norton ScreenSaver 
  • Not So Serious
  • Not Statistically Significant

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