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What is the full form of FMS?

What is the full form of FMS?

 The Full Form of FMS is “Fieldbus Messaging System“. Fieldbus is a serial bus used in systems and systems to connect sensors and actuators (motors) to each other and to one or more operators (industrial PCs, PLCs). The field bus allows data exchange between systems of varying lengths and under external pressure. It operates in master-slave mode. The slave works on a sub-task while the master is responsible for controlling the process.

Fieldbuses differ from the “physical layer” they use, for example at the hardware level (eg CAN, RS485, Ethernet) and at the protocol level, which defines the structure of the data exchange. There are transistors such as CANopen and DeviceNet that use the same proxy network (CAN) but operate with different protocols. Likewise, there are protocols that can be used on both types of equipment (such as Modbus for RS232 and Modbus / TCP for Ethernet).

The hardware level determines the basic equipment of the bus, such as cable length and transmission capacity. The protocol level determines the structure of the language and the tasks that exist between the master and the slave.

Depending on the application, each of the traditional fieldbuses has advantages and disadvantages. The choice of a fieldbus is usually determined by the availability of the equipment for a fieldbus interface. 

Some Other Full Forms of FMS

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  • Flight Management Systems
  • Fixed Mobile Substitution
  • Fieldbus Messaging System
  • Fieldbus Messaging Specification
  • Flash Media Server
  • Financial Management Software
  • File Management Service
  • Forms Management System
  • Fleet Management System
  • Fraud Management System
  • Food Management System
  • Fort Madison Ia
  • Flash Management System
  • Fatigue Management Scheme
  • Factory Management System
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Financial Management Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Financial Management Solutions
  • Forest Management System
  • Force Module Subsystem
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Force Mode Squad

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