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What is the full form of CR?

 The Full Form of CR is “Credit“. The term is many values in the financial world, but the debt is usually as described as a contract agreement to the end of the creditor and the return. Credit can also refer to references for people or companies or companies. For a bookbook, it applies to mathematical elements that cultivate the property or capitalized balance. 

What is the full form of CR?

In its first and general estimate, the debt reflects the agreement to buy a product or service later.  This is known as a credit purchase. The large purchasing form depends on the use of credit cards. It has been a central credit agreement: banks that can issue the business card debts and improve buyers who can pay the buyer with time. The amount available to borrow customer or company or even a loan also a loan as well. 

For example, someone can say, “They have a good loan, they do not have a bank.” At the end of the credit account is a factor that increases or the decrease in reduction or lack of income or income or income.  Therefore, the debt increases the net result from the consequences, while charging contributes to reducing net profit. 

Some other Full Forms of CR

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