What is the full form of CHC?

The Full Form of CHC is “Community Health Centers“. They are community-driven, non-profit clinics located  in an area of ​​assistance or assistance to the poorly cared for population. Community health centers share the responsibility of providing affordable and comprehensive care to everyone, regardless of income level or insurance.

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What is the full form of CHC?

The first community health centers were renamed community clinics and emerged as part of the Johnson administration’s war on poverty and civil rights movement in the mid-1960s. The first two recipients of federal pilot aid were medical facilities in Boston in 1965 and Mound Bayou, Mississippi in 1967. Access to medical care. Federal funds are received directly to communities to ensure that service delivery is appropriate and consistent with the needs of the community.

Today, more than 1,400 community health centers serve approximately 28 million people in the United States. Medicaid is the largest source of community resources. Other sources of income include 330 grants from the Federal Department of Health, Ryan White funding, Title X funding, and local funding.

The Safety Act provides additional funding for clinics to plan for all healthcare reforms in 2014, including the adoption of new electronic medical records (EHRs), improving collaboration and modifying payments. By 2020, the number of patients receiving care at US community health clinics is expected to more than double to more than 40 million.

Services of CHC

  • Basic primary treatment,
  • Preventive care (for example, antenatal and postnatal care, vaccinations, pediatric screenings, family planning services)
  • Regular treatment of serious illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV / AIDS
  • free or low cost prescription;
  • Additional support services such as case management, translation and interpretation services, and health education facilitate patient access.
  • If you have an emergency after the hospital closes, you will have access to call doctors.

Some Other Full Forms of CHC 

  • Component Handling and Cleaning
  • Cherokee Heritage Center
  • Catholic Health Care
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Cascade Harvest Coalition
  • Cathedral Home for Children
  • Community Health Council
  • Classical Hollywood Cinema
  • Children’s Health Centre
  • Chesterfield Health Center
  • Children Hope Corporation
  • cholangiocarcinoma
  • Chicago Cardinals
  • Calder Health Center
  • Cargo Handling Cooperative
  • Church Hill Crew
  • Community Health Care
  • Carroll Hospital Center
  • Canyon Healthcare Center
  • Citizens Housing Corporation
  • Chipman Health Centre
  • Campobello Health Centre
  • Cunningham Hall Council
  • Coconut Husk Chips
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbon
  • Community of the Holy 
  • College Hospital Cerritos
  • Choctaw Health Center
  • Clínica Hospital Culiacán
  • Chaplain Corps
  • Craig House Center
  • Community HealthCorps
  • Chestnut Hill College’s
  • Center for Humanitarian Cooperation
  • Confederacin Hondurea de Cooperativas
  • City Harvest Church
  • Covenant House California
  • Cumberland Hall of Chattanooga

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