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What is the full form of BPCS ?

The full form of BPCS is “Business Planning and Control System” |”Business Process Control System”.  Business Planning and Control System (BPCS) is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). BPCS, an acronym for software, refers to “Bee picks” or “Bee pecks” in Spanish speaking countries. BPCS was developed by Chicago-based System Software Associates (SSA) and later became SSA Global Technologies [1] (later acquired by Infor Global Solutions and renamed Infor LX) and used to manage the operations of manufacturing companies. BPCS includes MRP logic for business design when there are valid applications such as design engineering and product manufacturing. 

What is the full form of BPCS ?

IBM I works on most of the most popular machines. Written in AS / SET CASE, RPG, SQL and other languages ​​supported by IBM .Many BPCS modules are stand-alone. [1] For example, a business can only use financial apps, not products.SSA began to develop BPCS in the early 1980s. By the mid-1990s, the work of BPCS was in use around the world. Inc. The newspaper ranked SSA as the 23rd fastest growing public company in 1988 [3] and Business Week ranked it as the 25th best small business.

Some Other full forms of BPCS

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