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What is the full form of ADPS?

The full form of ADPS is “Acceptance Data Package System”. In order to support the ISS program hardware or software, certain information, as described herein, must be provided to the customer service organization. Storing this information in a hardware and / or software package is called Accept Data (ADP). This ADP provides comprehensive and certified services, including hardware or software development, contains information about approvals, and enables the user organization to continue operating as needed. 

What is the full form of ADPS?

ADPS are intended to be part of a hardware or software approval / delivery process and should be maintained throughout the hardware or software lifecycle after government approval. ADPs must be stored at all stages of the product process, including assembly, ground handling, drop point management, orbit, post landing and maintenance / modification / repair operations until ” hardware or software fail. ADP is a scalable data format that has been modified as needed across the industry to reflect product trends and circumstances.

Some Other Full Forms of ADPS 

  • Acceptance Data Package System
  • Aiken Department of Public Safety
  • Albion Department of Public Safety
  • Alpha Delta Phi Society
  • Arts Development Project Support
  • Asiago Database on Photometric Systems
  • Auto Dynamic Positioning Services
  • Automated Data Processing System
  • Automated Dynamic Pricing System
  • Automatic Data Processing System
  • Aquarius Data Processing System
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety

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