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What is the full form of ADCS ?

The full form of ADCS is “Automated Data Capture System”. It is a Dynamics NAV tool that allows you to capture data from important data internally, externally and internally on professional devices. ADCS enables company employees to regularly monitor household appliances using portable devices and radio frequencies.

What is the full form of ADCS ?

 Capturing solid and accurate real-time data while searching across multiple data sources is a challenge for businesses today and tomorrow. Today’s diagnostic problems are solved with reliable, effective and efficient CACI Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) technology.To install ADCS, you must modify the component list to include ADCS which is not included in any of the presets. For more information, see How to: Select Installation Zones. 

Some Other Full Forms of ADCS

  • Active Directory Certification Service, 
  • Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization, 
  •  Academic Data Collection System
  •  Alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study
  • Australasian Document Computing Symposium

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