Drew Barrymore embraces the rain with childlike joy and fans can't get enough

Drew Barrymore is reminding fans that rain is beautiful. In a video posted Sunday, The Drew Barrymore Show" host shared a clip of herself outside smiling and enjoying the rain.

"Whenever you can go out into the rain … do not miss the opportunity!" the 47-year-old actress shouted with glee.

And the internet can't seem to get enough. Her post has received nearly 500,000 likes on Instagram and over 2 million on TikTok.

"I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection," wrote content creator Michael Brown in a tweet sharing the clip.

"She’s the most full of joy, funny, darling person ever. As you can tell. This is really her," wrote actress Kristen Johnston. "You’re amazing," commented editor Michelle Lee on the Instagram post.

While the reaction was mostly positive, some criticized the actress for flaunting her wealth and privilege. "Not having to worry about money seems amazing," Twitter user @vanthefirst wrote.

But others defended Barrymore by reminding fans that Barrymore endured hardships as a young actress.

"People being rude about this clearly forget how much Drew Barrymore went through as a child star," Nọ́lá Ọjọ́mú tweeted. "The fact she lives a life filled with soooo much joy makes me smile every time."

Another fan was reminded of playing in the rain as a kid. "When I saw this earlier today, I felt like I was looking at the little Drew, who didn’t have a chance at a normal childhood, playing in the rain in her adult body. I’m so happy for her."

Barrymore rose to fame for her role in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" when she was 7 years old. She later grappled with alcohol and drug addiction, going to rehab at the age of 12 and relapsing at 13 years old.

Barrymore has opened up about her father, actor John Drew Barrymore, being a violent alcoholic, and her mother who struggled with parental responsibility. Her parents divorced when she was 9.