Bachchan Pandey Box Office Collection- Day wise Earning & Prediction

This movie has been released in India on 18 March 2022, is directed by Farhad Samji. This movie is produced by The Great Producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Very big stars have been cast in this movie. Because of this people have a different craze for the movie. 

Everyone is waiting for this movie for a long time. But yesterday released on 18 March 2022 and in a single day, Bachchan Pandey has got a very good response at the box office.

The total budget of this movie is 165 crores. In which the salaries of Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, and Jacqueline have been added. The total cost for production is Rs 155 crore. A total of Rs 10 crore has been spent on the advertising of the movie.

Akshay Kumar has also given a discount of 20 crores on his salary for the movie. Also, Akshay Kumar has not taken any share of profits. Although the worldwide screen of this movie was 3000 due to Kashmir files, 500 to 600 screen was reduced.

Bachchan Pandey Collection This movie has got a very good response at the box office as the holiday has benefited a lot due to Holi tomorrow. The first-day collection of the box office for this movie was being expected 16 – 20 crores. But due to Kashmir Files, there was a slight impact on the start of this movie. Due to this, the first-day collection of the movie has increased from 12 to 14 crores.

In this movie, Akshay Kumar’s salary was 99 crores, Kriti Sanon’s salary was 4 crores, Arshad Warsi 2.5 crores and Jacqueline’s salary was 2 crores. If this movie makes a profit of 165 crores then this movie will be a hit. But if the total collection of the movie is less than this, then this movie can also be a flop.

Bachchan Pandey Box Office Collection The total box office collection has been Rs 12-14 crores. This OTT platform by Sajid Nadiadwala has sold the rights of this movie as well as 4 more movies for Rs 250 crores. In which the total value of this movie is 60 crores. The distribution rights of Bachchan Pandey have been sold to Sony for 80 crores.

The music, satellite, overseas rights of the movie have been sold for Rs 50 crore. The producers have made a table profit of 25 crores at the box office performance. If seen, Bachchan Pandey has received a very good response on the first day at the box office. This movie is based on crime and action, which people have liked very much. This movie has been launched all over India yesterday.

The total earning of Day 1 is 12 crores but if there is good occupancy in a single screen show then the target of the movie can easily be 13 to 14 crores. If seen overall, the total Hindi occupancy of the movie is 39.92%. This movie has got the best response from Mumbai and Delhi. 43.75% occupancy has been achieved in Mumbai in which a total of 532 shows were performed

34.50% occupancy has been achieved in Delhi NCR, a total of 422 shows were held in Delhi. Similarly, Bachchan Pandey has received a very good response in all the states. Morning show got 22.76% response, Afternoon got 35.23% response, evening show got 55.99% response and night show got a total response of 45.69%.