Philanthropist Shining Sung Unveils Formosa, A Luxury Fragrance Inspired by the Beauty of Taiwan

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Among the many perfumes which have emerged this year, Taiwanese-influenced Formosa stands out as a true gem in the luxurious world of fragrance. 

Inspired by the exotic allure of Taiwan’s natural flora, fauna, and stunning landscape comes Formosa, a woodsy, floral perfume reflective of the natural beauty and cultural heritage proudly boasted by the fragrance’s founder, Taiwanese philanthropist, Shining Sung.

Sung, a long-time representative for her family’s Chi Mei Museum, launched Formosa Fragrance earlier this year as a dedication to her beloved homeland of Taiwan. Formerly known as ‘Beautiful Island’ by Taiwan’s original Portuguese sailors, Formosa serves as an exquisite representation of Taiwanese heritage, through and through.

Utilizing inspiration from classical art and culture, the sleek design of Formosa’s 75mL bottle features a curved crystal base with an intricately carved faux jade ball atop its closure, balancing the charm and authenticity of the fragrance’s floral top notes with the graceful timelessness of its design.

The creator of the fragrance’s distinctive packaging is famed perfume designer and seven-time FiFi Award winner, Marc Rosen. A veteran in the branding and design world, Rosen has worked as the luminary mind behind some of the most quintessential fragrances of the 20th and 21st centuries, such as Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, Fendi’s Uomo, and Karl Lagerfeld’s KL.

Formulated by French Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc, the fragrance features an intoxicating bouquet of delicate plum blossom, rose petal, and Tiger Orchid in its opening notes, paired with an aromatic fusion of Labdanum, patchouli, and amber musk along the base, creating a romantic and irresistible luxury experience for the senses.

Together, Sung, Blanc, and Rosen have crafted an entirely unique olfactory experience which, at its heart, houses a love letter to the unrivaled beauty and serenity of Taiwan, and serves as a testament to the true artform of scent creation. Formosa Fragrance tells the story of an island overflowing with the splendor of its native resources, and does so masterfully, providing its wearers with a sense of Taiwanese elegance in each and every drop.

With a dual launch at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman in February and London’s Fenwick department store in June, Formosa has already received wide acclaim from public figures such as legendary actress Dame Joan Collins and Taiwan’s Ambassador to the U.K., Ambassador Kelly Hsieh.

From the scent’s long-lasting sillage to its unmistakable woodsy sweetness, Sung, Blanc, and Rosen have formulated Formosa to a height of distinction which can only be described as wholly unmatched.

Formosa Fragrance is now exclusively available for purchase at Fenwick London and Bergdorf Goodman, and will be arriving soon to a Neiman Marcus near you.

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