KPSC Thulasi Login, Registration, Apply, Hall Ticket, 2022

Login PSC Thulasi – KPSC Thulasi is an online portal designed by the government of Kerala. Vacancies and related jobs can be posted on the Kerala PSC. People can register and log in to the KPSC portal to find out more about PSC Thulas. In this article you will learn all the details about Kerala PSC Thulasi.

Kerala PSC Thulasi

Kerala The PSC (Public Service Commission) portal Thulasi was launched by the Kerala government. The government is intended for the inhabitants of the state. Orders and announcements related to state administration will be displayed on the portal. Candidates can apply for the post. If a candidate is then selected, he / she will be transferred to the PSC. It is a government-run portal, so anyone can request the portal. There are certain eligibility criteria for registration on the portal.

Kerala PSC Exam

There is another portal for employees. Psc kerala gov for employees working in the ministries of government, trade and services. If you are ready for the exam, you can go to this portal and register.

Kerala PSC Portal – Overview

  • The name of the Kerala PSC Thulasi portal
  • State of Kerala
  • Launched by the Government of Kerala
  • Purpose Government and state information related to online work
  • Recipients of the state people of Kerala
  • Online registration mode
  • Official website
  • Important link to the KPSC portal

Service link

  • Kerala PSC Click Here
  • KPSC Thulasi Click here
  • PSC registration Click here
  • Login Kerala PSC Click here

Required documents for the application form

There is some evidence that you must provide during the registration process. Below is the evidence you need to upload.

  • Aadhaar applicants
  • Applicant ‘s ballot paper
  • PAN map
  • Family card
  • Photo on the allotment ticket
  • Evidence of education (list of grades from 10th grade, report card)
  • Passport
  • Each document proof of address
  • Applicant ‘s mobile number
  • Submit the photo to the applicant

KPSC Thulasi Login

Registered persons can log in to the KPSC portal. The following process explains logging in to the PSC thulasi profile. You can log in directly to the portal with your username and password. If you have a username and password on the KPSC portal, follow this procedure. First visit the official KPS thulasi portal, click here to go directly.

  • Take a look at the homepage of Kerala Thulasi now.
  • Then click the Sign In button. The login page opens on the screen.
  • Then enter your username and password. Resolve the captcha code on the page.
  • Click the Sign In button.
  • You will then be successfully logged in to your account.
  • Once you are in your account, you can access applications, devices.

Kerala PSC Thulasi profile login process

If you are registered on the portal, you can log in to the Kerala PSC thulasi portal. A registered person can log in to my profile by following the steps below. The process explains each step. Follow the steps below and log in to KPSC Thulasi on my profile.

The process requires a login username and password. During the process, make sure you have a KPSC login and password. You can also log in as a candidate and a regular user. To register with Kerala PSC, follow my profile and then follow the process.

  • First, open the official portal of Kerala PSC Thulasi.
  • You can find the KPSC homepage.
  • Go to the login section here. Now enter the user ID and password.
  • Enter the access code.
  • Click the Sign in button to log in to my profile.
  • This way you can log in to my KPSC profile.

Online application KPSC Thulasi

If you want to register with KPSC thulasi, the process will be explained to you. The person should go to the official Kerala PSC thulasi website. You must be qualified to register on the Kerala portal. If you do not know the qualification, look for the article. If you are eligible, we will take steps to register on the portal.

Kerala PSC online application, registration process:

  • Visit KPSC thulasi official site. Click this link to go to the home page.
  • You can find the homepage of the official portal.
  • Select the New Registration Login link here.
  • Go to another page.
  • Then the application page is displayed. kpsc thulasi registration
  • Now enter the details of the applicant, ie name, date of birth, gender, mother’s name, father’s name, caste, religion, sub-tax, identity card, Aadhaar and mobile number.
  • Then create a new user ID and password.
  • Re-enter the user ID and password to confirm.
  • Type the passcode shown in the photo.
  • Check the box and click the Register button. Then a confirmation message is displayed. Click the OK button.
  • This way you can register on the portal. Make a note of the login user ID and password.

Kerala PSC Qualifications

  • He must be a resident of Kerala. The applicant must be over 18 years of age.
  • He has completed every education or degree.
  • The exams in which candidates take part can register on the portal.
  • KPSC Helpdesk number
  • If in doubt about registration, call this number.
  • 0471-2546400
  • 0471-2546401

What is KPSC Thulasi?

KPSC is Kerala Public Service Commission Thulasi. It was initiated by the government of Kerala.

How do I register on the Kerala Thulasi portal?

If you then want to register on the portal, you must go to the official website. Then click on Login and fill in the application. Upload the required documents and send them.

How to register on KPSC portal?

You can log in to the KPSC thulasi portal using your username and password. Then click the login button.

How can I reset my user ID or password?

If you want to reset your login password, go to the official portal. Click the Forgotten password link. then enter the user ID and mobile phone number. you can reset on the next page.

How can you apply for a job on the Kerala PSC portal?

If you want to apply for a job on the KPSC portal, you must register. Go to the official website and register on the portal. Then you can apply for any job.

Who is qualified to write the PSC exam?

Everyone in India is qualified to write the PSC Thulasi exam.

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