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IPL 2022 Schedule, Auction Date and Time, Points Table, Venue, Channel Retained

 The schedule of IPL 2022, date, place, points table can be checked from here, as the BCCI will officially publish a schedule soon for the upcoming season of IPL 15. The short IPL has already begun to keep and release players from various teams already ready. The tentative date of IPL 2022 is gone and cricket fans are already worried enough to know the dates. The BCCI is expected to make a significant announcement of the issuance of the new IPL 15 scheme following the closure of the IPL 2022 auction.

The Indian Premier League is something people have been waiting for all year. In addition, because two new teams will be introduced this season, which will definitely increase the excitement among the fans this season. The official IPL board has not yet announced many details, such as the date of the auction and the start date of the matches.

IPL 2022 Schedule

IPL 2022 is the 15th season of the Indian Premier League as an IPL. As mentioned above, the first step of the season has already been reached, where the teams have retained and released the players. The official board is also going to announce the official dates of the next steps of the auction or the start date of matches between the IPL teams. In the absence of such official schedule information, many sports experts speculate on the raw data for IPL 2022. Typically, IPL games are played in April and May. It is currently said that IPL 2022 may begin in late March 2022 or early April 2022. Now IPL fans are waiting for the final fixture list.

So far, however, many experts estimate that the launch date for IPL 2022 will be the first week in April 2022. Regardless of the date, games begin at 7:30 p.m.

Release date IPL 2022

The IPL has not yet announced the official dates of IPL 2022. According to rumors, the board will have to publish the dates after the auction is completed and after the teams announce their final player rosters for the game. We can assume that the IPL 15 scheme should come out in February 2022.

The announcement of the IPL 2022 schedule may take a long time, as there is a good chance that there will be more games due to the introduction of new teams. The number of days the season will also increase, and IPL season 15 is now expected to last more than 70 days.

The Board of Directors must publish on its official website the start date of the IPL 2022 schedule and the full list of matches to be played. Also, the launch date of the games will be announced on the Star Sports Channel or even on the Disney Hotstar.

Venue IPL 2022

To date, the IPL board has not yet posted a match site. But again, experts continue to play board games through the IPL 2022 spot. Chennai in India is currently said to be the venue for all IPL 2022 matches as IPL season 15.

Typically, IPL matches are played at 6 locations in India, namely Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bengaluru. But for now, places are changing due to the COVID situation across India.

According to experts, the venue will only get to India if everything is in order and normal. In the event of a growing number of Covid cases in the country, the council could make decisions such as the organization of IPL 2021 matches. IPL Plan 2022

Here is a list of the IPL 15 tentative schedule, where a total of 74 matches are expected to take place, including elimination matches and finals. According to the preliminary date of IPL 2022, matches will resume from April 2, 2022, and the last match of IPL 15 is expected to be played on June 3, 2022.

IPL 2022 points table

IPL fans can view the statistics of all teams here to see what they have done so far in the current Indian Premier League 2022 season. The IPL scoreboard is updated after each match.

According to the IPL rules, the 4 best teams in the IPL Scoreboard can qualify for the Semifinals. The semi-final matches are divided into two parts, where the first semi-final called Qualifier-1 is played between the teams in 1st and 2nd place, while the Eliminator match is played between the teams in 3rd and 4th place. In qualifying round 1, the winning team qualifies directly to the IPL final, while the losing team will face the winning team in the Eliminator round, where it will decide on the 2nd final team in the IPL. So we can say that Team Qualifying 1 will get more chances to win a place in the IPL final if they win the Eliminator round. The IPL Trophy is awarded to the team that wins the Final Match and is also awarded a cash prize.

IPL Auction 2022

Date and time of the IPL 2022 auction, list of detained and released players – With the growing enthusiasm for the IPL, the association decided to add two new feathers to its wings. We are referring here to the introduction of two new teams added in IPL 2022. The new teams are Ahmedabad and Lucknow, which means that many matches will be introduced in addition to the existing matches. Matches are calculated and planned so that all teams have the opportunity to play against each other in a double league format.

Although there has been a lot of speculation that players will be bought by different teams in the auction, the real details will come out at the upcoming IPL 2022 auction, as the teams have already published a list of their retained players as well as the released 30th players. It is rumored that a live auction could take place in Star Sports in the first week of January 2022, but it was delayed by a month and according to the authorities, it is scheduled for February 2022.

Date and time of IPL 2022 Mega Auction

When two new teams are introduced, IPL is ready to hold a mega auction to build 10 teams with two new teams promoting this season.

The IPL management has already offered all teams 30 November 2021 to communicate their team to the left and untied players. On the other hand, two new teams, Ahmedabad and Lucknow, will now participate in IPL 2022 by buying their team players at auction the next day.

According to the official announcement of December 23, 2021, the BCCI decided to hold the IPL 2022 Mega Auction on February 12 and 13, 2022, after which all 10 teams must announce their final list of players who will play in the IPL 2022 games. It was also noted that Bangalore was the site of the mega auction.

How can you watch IPL Match for free? 

If you want to watch IPL games for free, there are now many applications available from which you can download applications such as AOS TV and Oreo TV. If you don’t like downloading applications to your smartphone, you can use the Twitch streaming platform to watch IPL games for free.

If you search online, you will know about the many applications and streaming platforms that stream IPL matches. But above all, AOS and Oreo are very popular with the audience who wants to enjoy free IPL games. If you get more free apps to watch games, be sure to check out the ratings and reviews in the Google Play store before installing. 

IPL 2022 live streaming channels

If you enjoy IPL live with your family and friends, then one of the best options is to watch it on Star Sports TV. You can watch matches in various Star Sports options, such as Star Sports English, Star Sports Hindi and Star Sports HD.

You can also enjoy the game live as soon as you subscribe to Hotstar on your TV. Even if you have a TV subscription to Airtel, Reliance Jio or VI, you can get a cricket plan and enjoy watching all the IPL matches on your TV.

Last year, DD News also broadcast all live IPL matches. Such a report did not come this year, whether this national channel broadcasts competitions to the public or not. Until then, you can be sure that you can enjoy the IPL if you get channels from the Star Sports Network.

IPL 2022 live broadcast application

If you don’t have the honor of watching games on TV, you can definitely do it on your smartphone. To do this, you need to have a Disney Hotstar on your smartphone. It is one of the most popular applications in India, where many viewers enjoy IPL matches by subscribing to premium schedules. But in addition to the Disney Hotstar app; There are now many other apps where you can watch matches. These applications are:

  • Airtel TV
  • Jio TV
  • Willow TV
  • Jo tv

In order to enjoy the matches, you must subscribe to these applications with a minimum monthly rent.

Of course, there are many free application options, as we discussed earlier in this article. But if you want to enjoy quality matches and matches without ads, then it is always an ideal idea to buy these applications on your smartphone.

YouTube is another option you can try and get game videos. Even if you make the most of the video, you won’t see it live. You can use YouTube to keep track of highlights or special events. Of course, the match lover will always want to watch the matches live.

Not only Indians but also people in different parts of the world are waiting for an IPL. Although estimates have been circulating until recently, the BCCI has clarified this area. That we need to get a definitive timetable from the council, also based on what matches will take place in Dubai.

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