IFHRMS Login 2022 at Karuvoolam.tn.gov.in (Employee & Pensioners)

 IFHRMS Login 2022 – The Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System or better known as IFHRMS is an online portal initiated by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The online portal is designed to assist government officials and human resource management in Tamil Nadu.

The Integrated Finance and Human Resources Management System is a portal for Tamil Nadu government employees who work under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance and Accounts of Tamil Nadu takes care of every service of the IFHRMS portal and makes sure that no malfunctions occur.

The website is always maintained and, since the employee’s login details are provided, this IFHRMS employee login ensures that he can view his employee’s details and services at any time.

There are a number of ways IFHRMS offers users many benefits.

  • It minimizes unnecessary facts and provides the truth
  • It offers guaranteed compliance for the financial environment,
  • Reduces manual interventions and improves inter-ministerial synergies,
  • This approach is central to the parties involved and offers the possibility of effective decision-making,
  • In addition, the entire system helps to improve the efficiency of operations.

IFHRMS Login process

If you are a working or retired employee of Tamil Nadu Government Offices, you can use it in the IFHRMS application process described below.

  • 1. Visit IFHRMS Karuvoolam official site (இஎஹ் இஎஹ்ர்மஸ் லொகின்)
  • 2. Now click on the login button from the Home menu
  • Send your proof letters and wait for the details to be verified
  • 4. Your IFHRMS credentials have been verified so that you have access to this portal and all employee services from your personal employee website.

How to reset the IFHRMS login password

Apparently we forgot our password and we had no problem with it, because it is a quick process of recovering the IFHRMS password from the official website.

  •  1. Visit the official IFHRMS Karuvoolam website of your preferred browser
  • 2. Now click the Login button and then click Forgot Password on the page
  • Enter your user ID and mobile number registered on the IFHRMS portal
  • 4. Tap Continue and enter the security code sent to your mobile number
  • 5. Click verify and enable verification of details according to your records
  • 6. Enter your new password twice and confirm it

Following this procedure above, the IFHRMS login password is reset and you can use the same new password to log in to the IFHRMS portal in the next second to check your employee details.

IFHRMS Pensioner Login

If you are a retired government official from Tamil Nadu, you do not have to worry about getting pension-related information. Here are the steps you need to take to get the information.

  • 1. Visit the official IFHRMS website and click on the Register button
  • 2. Select Type as Retired and send your proof of the letter
  • 3. Enter the PPO number, user ID and password for authentication
  • 4. Click the Sign In button and wait for the page to load on the screen

Once the data has been verified, the IFHRMS portal will open with your pension account and you will get all the relevant information for you.

Karuvoolam iFHRMS Managed Departments

The Government of Tamil Nadu has added the following designated departments to the IFHRMS, whose employees can use the services of employees from this official portal at any time.

  • 1. Department of employee pensions
  • 2. Ministry of Finance and Accounting
  • 3. Lytse Savings Account Department
  • 4. Cooperative audit
  • 5. Local Fund Audit Department
  • 6. Chief Accounting Statutory Board

The IFHRMS portal is intended for government and employees, where the administrator has access to the portal to fill in employment data and, on the other hand, the employee takes their data to find out some of their registered data.

Can I get last year’s payslip from IFHRMS login ?

Since its inception, the IFHRMS portal has integrated all employee data. Through the portal, employees can log in and get information about payslips for the last 3 years. Employees should select the appropriate website details and print them on the monthly payroll of your choice.

Is the IFHRMS payslip valid for a loan application?

If an employee is trying to obtain a loan from a banking institution or any private bank, then yes, he or she can obtain a payslip from the IFHRMS portal as your salary reference. In most cases, the bank will request a stamp from the accounting department to verify your printed payslip from the IFHRMS portal.

Do I have to register to use the IFHRMS registration service?

Yes, employees are required to provide their information through the IFHRMS registration process. An active mobile number is required to register on the IFHRMS portal. After registration, you will receive a user ID and password, which can be used to access the IFHRMS portal at any time.

Can I change my employee data through the IFHRMS?

There are some details such as communication address, etc. that can be changed at any time by accessing the IFHRMS using your employee’s login details. Any additional information, such as bank accounts or any personal information, must be processed by the IFHRMS Administrator, which is your relevant DDO office in that department.

Is IFHRMS open to everyone?

There are only a few of these departments that have access to the IFHRMS portal. Employees of this department will have access to employment information through the IFHRMS portal.

How can you restore IFHRMS portal users?

If you have forgotten your IFHRMS login user ID, go to the official website and click the Login button. Here you must select a forgotten user ID and enter your mobile number to obtain OTP for authentication. After verification, your user ID will be sent via message to your registered mobile number.

How can you increase the progress of the IFHRMS staff festival?

This action is limited to DDO staff in the human resources department. The DDO official logs in to the IFHRMS with his references and fills in the festival data requested in advance by the portal staff. The same can be seen in the salary when generating a payslip, which is then paid to your account on the day of the credit payment.

How to download an IFHRMS payroll

The design of the portal is primarily to provide staff through the IFHRMS online mode ஊதியம் உள்நுழைவு and will not be able to stand in a long queue in the accounting department.

  • Open the Tamilnadu iFHRMS web portal
  • Go to the iFHRMS Karuvoolam website at karuvoolam.gov.in
  • Select User Type
  • Select Employee or Retired as the user type
  • Enter user details
  • Enter your user ID with a password
  • Log in
  • After verification, click on Login and fill in your details on the IFHRMS page
  • Click Finance and Payroll
  • In the menu, tap Finance and then Payroll
  • Select the desired payslip
  • Now select the TN payroll details you want and click to see the results

This means that the payslip of the required employee is created on the screen. You can choose any option to download or print for future use. In today’s environment, each department has its own personal website that makes it easier for employees to control their data and provide them with convenience.

Likewise, the IFHRMS application (IFHRMS உள்நுழைவு) is well developed with all the features and reduced manual payroll interventions. HRMS also reduces craftsmanship and long payroll queues.

IFHRMS helpline

Although the portal request process is simple, if you have problems such as forgetting your user ID or more, you can contact the IFHRMS helpline for this purpose. You can contact the experts at 9144 40172172 or you can send your question by e-mail to [email protected]

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