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 Personal Registration and Enrollment Hamraaz Web – Hamraaz application is designed for Indian Army personnel to make financial details easy and attractive. Software is usually provided as a web page where users can get the information they need when they need it. 

About Hamraaz Web App 

Hamraaz is a platform designed for Indian Army personnel. Armed forces personnel can get information about their appointments, promotions and even money with this platform. Individuals can also access the portal to collect their payment slips and Form 16. Hamraaz also appears to be available as a website or mobile app. However, the Google Play Store does not include the app. As a result, users will have to download it through the official Hamraaz website. We will discuss Hamraaz app through its website in this article. 

 Hamraaz Web App Overview 

Total downloads 44158612 Current version: 7.1 Updated on February 28, 2022 12:15:58 Min. Required Android version: Android – Lollipop 5.1 and above Application Category (Other) Price: Free Developed by Indian Army Contact details: 9560641424 Email Contact [email protected]

Hamraaz Web Registration 

To register on the Hamraaz website, you must meet the following requirements: 

• You must be a member of the Indian Army, have a valid PAN card and verify your PAN card with your phone number.

 • You must also have accurate information about your job and position. 

 Once you meet the above requirements, go to the Hamraaz website and register by following the instructions here: 

Step 1: Go to https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/ and check Hamraaz official website. 

Step 2 – Now go to the page and select Login option. 

Step 3 – On the login page, enter your PAN card number in capital letters. 

Step 4 – Finally, enter the captcha code and submit the form. 

If you are a genuine user, you must complete the following steps to provide your details and register on the site. 

Login to Hamraaz Web 

Once you have registered and received your login details, you can login to your Hamraaz website at any time. Admin Login and Personal Login are the two forms of logins that can be accessed on the web today. Administrator logins must be used by individuals, while personal logins must be used by administrators. As a result, we will discuss personal login here. 

Step 1: Go to hamraazmp8.gov.in and click on Personal Login on the home page of the official website. personal login to hamraaz website personal login to hamraaz website

 Step 2 – Try entering the username and password in uppercase on the login page. 

Step 3 – To login, enter the captcha code that appears on the screen and enter the information. 

After you register on the Hamraaz website, you will have access to all the relevant facts like your payslips and other alternatives. 

Hamraaz Login Password Forgot 

If you have forgotten your Hamraaz login password, you can easily reset it using the Forgot Password option on the website. 

Step 1 – Forgot password option is available here on Hamraaz login page. 

Step 2 – After clicking on Forgot Password, you will be redirected to the next page. 

Step 3 – Try entering the PAN card number in capital letters on the Forgot Password screen. 

Step 4-To complete the password recovery procedure, enter the captcha code on the screen and click Submit. 

Government of India has created Hamraaz platform to make life easier for Indian Army troops. Qualified applicants can register on the site and check the services used fees, calculate the salary amount and download various documents according to the processes described above. For a more pleasant experience, users can download the Hamraaz app from the official Hamraaz website. 

 Soldiers benefited from Humraaz app. 

As we all know now we have access to internet services and not much work gets done in offline mode. As a result, the military built this mobile application in-house. Installation of the app is linked to Aadhar data verification for security reasons.

 The Aadhar information will be verified against the Army database through the National Information Center (NIC). They will also receive a one-time password for the registered mobile number. To use the Humraaz app, a person’s last mobile number must be linked with their Aadhar number. 

Eligibility criteria. 

The following people are eligible to use hamraaz online and hamraaz app payroll. 

• This app is only for Indian Army soldiers. 

• To get the most out of this software, people need to link their phone numbers with their Aadhar numbers. 

Important documents needed 

To get hamraaz app pay slip you need following documents.

 • Aadhar Card Number 

• Your telephone number. 

• PAN card information 

 How do I download and open the pay slip in the Hamraaz app? (How to Open and Download Payslip in Hamraaz App)

: After logging into the Hamraaz website or app, you can check Family Details, Payment Details and Pension Payment Details among others. In addition, you can find the message here on the Leave Enxashment tab after checking whether you have traveled elsewhere. 

how can you view and download payslips through Hamraaz app or website? 

When you log into the Hamraaz website or app, you will see an option for payment details on the screen. Click on it to check the salary details for each month and download the ones you choose. You can also get it from. 

Download the Hamraaz app. 

Follow the steps below to complete Hamraaz login.

• First, go to the Google Play Store and download the app. 

• Complete the registration form completely. 

• Next, select the login option. 

• Enter your username and password. 

• Then select the login option. 

• This way you can fill Hamraaz App Login. 

How do I open a payslip using Hamraaz?

 If you want to open your payslip in Hamraaz app, you need to download the app first. Follow the steps below.

 • The first applicant must receive a copy of the application. 

• You must log in to the home page. 

• Try entering your email address and password.

 • Go to the service area and select the open hamraz payroll.

 • Applicant can now get paid through Hamraaz app.

 • You can download your monthly pay slip this way. 

Hamraaz Salary Calculator

 hamraaz salary calculator hamraaz salary calculator The home page is displayed when you visit the official website. 

You should select the “Available calculator” option on this web page. 

You are on the updated website. 

hamraaz payout calculator for fixation hamraaz payout calculator for fixation 

You must provide information about your salary and base salary before promoting this page.

Date of interview or promotion and then select “Submit”. 

 How can you get Hamraaz app to get form 18?

 If you want to download Form 18, follow the steps below.

• Applicant must first open and login to Humraaz app. 

• Enter your username and password. 

• Select Sign In.

 • You should now be able to find the Form 18 to download. 

• Click link 18 to download the form. 

 FAQ Humraaz Web App 

What exactly is Hamraaz website?

 The Indian Army has created the Hamraaz portal which allows soldiers to access internet services. 

How do I get my payout with the Hamraaz app? 

You can get your monthly salary from Humraaz app. 

Is Humraaz app available for download? 

The app is only for Indian Army personnel. Please contact us if you are currently serving military and would like to learn more about your monthly payroll deductions and other information. 

What is the location of Humraaz app? 

You can find this application on the official website. There is also a direct link to download the app. If I am a member of the Indian Army, 

can I download the Humraaz Army app?

 This app is only available to Indian Army personnel.

 What is the way to check Hamraaz Payroll Login? 

Hamraaz official website can be used to get Hamraaz Payslip subscription.

 Is it possible to get paid through Hamraaz app?

 If you are a serving soldier, you can download the Hamraaz app and login to your account. 

How can I get my payment back with Hamraaz app?

 Follow-up instructions are provided in the main article; just follow them to get the information you want. Finally, I hope you have all the information you need to download Humraaz. Contact us for more information and latest updates. If you have a question or comment, please leave it in the comment section.

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