Full Form of SSLC: Eligibility Criteria, Opportunity, Rules, Importance

SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate. SSLC is a certificate that students receive after completing their studies at the secondary level. This is usually the most common qualification exam for high school admission in India. Students can receive a high school certificate after passing a Class 10 public exam, commonly known as a 10th grade exam.

In India, the school system is categorized as follows:

  • The first five years of the education system are called primary education.
  •  The next five years from grades 6 to 10 are known as secondary education.
  •  After grades 11 and 12, known as kindergarten or high school, students can apply for this class in a bachelor’s degree course. 

The SSLC certificate was used as the primary proof of the date of birth during the period when death and birth registration was not required in India. People born before 1989 consider the 10-point card to be proof of their date of birth. SSLC is common in the international market, which is a common qualification exam, and is also common in various states of India, especially Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Eligibility Criteria for The Exam of SSLC Meaning

Candidates who want to write their exams in the acronym SSLC must meet the eligibility criteria. You can get ideas for candidate suitability in the next section:

  • Candidates must be at least 14 years old.
  • Students under the age of 14 may be admitted. However, to do this, the school must present a medical certificate along with a medical certificate that shows that the child is mentally suitable for the exam.
  • Candidates who write their exams with the abbreviation sslc are required to submit an exam fee. 
  • Fees for SC, ST, SCA, SS and other similar candidates are exempt.
  • In addition, it can be released to candidates whose annual family income is less than 20,000 rupees.

The Importance of Exams with SSLC 

The SSLC exam is very important for applicants as it is the candidate’s first major qualification. Apart from this, most schools offer classes 11 and 12 subjects based on this test, so a test with the full form and meaning of sslc is also essential. Many universities also consider exam results when accepting students.

  • If birth and death documentation in India was not mandatory, SSLC certificates were used as the primary identification frame for the date of birth.
  • According to the MEA website, people born before 1989 are a legitimate way for Indian civilian authorities to verify their date of birth and issue official documents such as passports.

Education opportunity after SSLC Examination

  • After obtaining the SSLC qualification, students can qualify for high school or pre-university qualification. 
  • After that, in India it is usually called the education sector. By passing the 12th class exam, students can apply for any degree course for college students at any university, based on their choice. 
  • Meanwhile, after receiving SSLC, he chooses or agrees to enroll in a technical training college that can train people for a professional career. 
  • Other options include attending a three-year engineering diploma course polytechnic and obtaining a pre-engineering degree.
  •  After students complete the SSLC, they have the option of following a vocational education program. SSLC or something like that is needed today for the purpose of work to obtain a passport under the Government of India.

Rules of SSLC Exam

Candidates who want to get a good score on the exam in the sense of sslc should be aware of the following rules in order to get a good score.

  • The exam must be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The maximum score for each treatise completed on the English sslc form is 100.
  • Candidates must obtain a minimum of 35 in each subject to pass the exam.
  • Therefore, in order to pass the exam, you need to get 35 points in each subject.

SSLC in Kerala

The SSLC or 10th grade exams are taken by the Kerala State Board of Education (KSEB) at all affiliated schools and a high school certificate (SSLC) is awarded to qualified students. The exam is written in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Sciences, First Language (English, Malay, etc.), Second and Third Languages ​​(Hindy, GK). The exam will take place in March and the results will be announced in May.

SSLC in Karnataka

Established in 1964, KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Committee) is responsible for conducting SSLC and other Karnataka examinations. The KSEEBSSLC exam, which is usually written in April, is given to students of about 80,000 to 90,000 rupees each year. Results will be announced in July.

SSLC in Tamil Nadu

The Government Examination Bureau was established in 1975 and is primarily responsible for conducting management exams for 10th and 12th grade students. To write an SSLC exam. Approximately 90,000 to 100,000 rupees of students participate in the Tamil Nadu SSLC Open Exam every year. The board will display the exam in March / April. 

What’s Next After SSLC?

By obtaining this certificate, the student is said to have completed primary or primary education. After completing SSLC, different types of courses will be available and you can choose one of them. The various combination courses available are:Biology Flow: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, BiologyComputer Science Stream: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer ScienceBusiness flow: Business mathematics, economics, etc. After qualifying for the 10th grade exam, students will acquire sufficient knowledge to select the most suitable stream for their future. Students will then enroll in a PUC or pre-university course for two years. After completing two years, students will go on to university.
Alternatively, after obtaining an SSLC, students have the option of attending a three-year engineering diploma course polytechnic and then going on as an engineering graduate. You also have the option of attending a professional training course.

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