Full Form of LLB: Career Opportunities, Eligibility Criteria, Law Admissions

  LLB Stands for  Bachelor of Laws. LLB or Legum Baccalaureus in Latin, commonly known as Bachelor of Laws, was born in the United Kingdom, is a Bachelor of Laws, and is offered in most common law countries such as India. 

LLB is basically a bachelor’s degree from various universities around the world for students wishing to pursue a career in the legal profession. This is the first degree of professional or primary law for students who want to pursue a career in this profession. As a highly respected profession, law has long been a very popular career in our country.

To work as a lawyer, a person must have an LLB degree and, after LLB, have other career options such as corporate governance, legal services, and administrative services. With a Bachelor of Laws degree, you can work as a lawyer in court, work with a company as a legal adviser, work as a lawyer as a general or prosecutor, or serve government agencies, banks, and the legal department.

The Bar Council of India estimates that 60,000 to 70,000 lawyers are registered each year. A legal career is an advantageous option for students who have passed Class 12. Applicants are entitled to various entrance exams to obtain the LLB degree of their choice.

Career opportunities after Three-year LLB course

Law is a popular career for many students. It’s full of opportunities. Lawyers are very popular because the role of rights in our society is becoming more and more important. Many universities offer on-campus placement facilities for lawyers. Below are some of the most popular work opportunities and career options after LLB. 

Lawyers-One of the most common professions for lawyers is the exercise of rights in any court in India. Lawyers are always in great demand and have a good reputation in society. Currently, there are various types of lawyers, including civil lawyers, criminal lawyers, legal counsel, and advocates of social activists. To practice law in India, lawyers must pass the All India Bar Exam after obtaining a degree.

Judge-Who doesn’t want to be a judge? It is the most famous profession in our society. Judges are considered guardians of the Constitution. They represent Indian courts and are the final referees of various disputes in this position. To become a district court judge, LLB graduates must take a justice exam written at the state level.

Policy Researcher-Being familiar with various aspects of law, political science, and research activities, LLB graduates are well suited to work as policy researchers. Even on campus, many citizen groups employ lawyers as policy researchers.

Law Enforcement Agency-Every grassroots organization has a team of LLB graduates as legal representatives. These are called law enforcement agencies. Private companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, car companies and other big companies are looking for law enforcement agencies. The public sector has RBIs, ICICIs, SBIs, and other PSUs that recruit law enforcement agencies. 

Eligibility Criteria for LLB

There is no minimum age requirement for admission to the LLB course. To enroll in the LLB course, you only need to earn 50% of your total score at the graduation ceremony.

Admission to LLB begins in January and entrance exams are tested around May.

Law is a very popular carrier in our country. It is also a highly respected career choice. To work as a lawyer, you need an LLB degree. You can also choose other LLB career options such as corporate governance, legal services, and administrative services.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in law, you can choose your next career.

  • Practice as an advocate in court. Work with companies as a legal advisor. Work with a law firm
  • To work as a lawyer president or prosecutor, or to serve government agencies, banks, and the legal department
  • Court investigation
  • Commercial Code and Commercial Code

With an LL.B degree, you become a lawyer who can practice in any court. You can choose LLM, a Master of Laws, to earn a Master’s degree.


Before we move on, let’s take a look at the complete LLB form. LLB Full form is a Bachelor of Laws and many universities in India offer LLB courses. You can choose between a 3-year LLB course or a 5-year integrated course. To obtain the right, you need to take the CLAT (Compound Law Entrance Examination). This test is like a general knowledge test with legal skills, logic, general English and more. Tested. Therefore, for best results, it is always advisable to start preparing for the entrance exam early. If you plan to earn a law degree as an additional qualification, you can choose LLB. But if you are determined to pursue a law degree, the best option is a five-year degree. If you already have an academic background, you will need a master’s degree, Mphil or PhD. Normally, the cost of a 3-year LLB course is about 25 to 30K, but if you choose BA-LLB, you will need a larger pocket because the investment amount of such a 5-year integrated course will be almost 3L. Become. .. 

Specializations offered

There are several areas that lawyers can specialize in:

  • Criminal law is the place where defenders deal with crimes against society and the state. This includes interviewing clients and interrogating witnesses, correlating findings, hearings, preparing proceedings for defense, investigating, and cross-examinating in court. 
  • Business law is where defenders are responsible for advising companies on their legal rights, obligations and privileges. Study laws, constitutions and ordinances. And to help companies make the most important decisions about whether they want to wear a suit. 
  • Civil law deals with concerns about people’s private law, proceedings in damages, proceedings in breach of contract, diplomas, will, making mortgages, acting as trustees or guardians, and more.
  •  Labor law deals with workers, their organizations, working conditions, workers’ rights and obligations, and more. Labor law lawyers are often used to solve problems between management and corporate employees. 
  • Property law covers search records and certificates for the transfer of property and the determination of ownership of property. Acts as a property trustee. And the preparation of legal documents for certificates and mortgages. 
  • Patent law focuses on obtaining the inventor’s patent at the Patent Office. Here, lawyers specialize in prosecuting or defending patent infringement, preparing detailed patent specifications, and more.
  •  Tax law focuses on income tax, wealth tax, property tax, franchise, inheritance issues and more.
  •  International law specializes in treaties, customs and traditions that countries take into account in their relationships.

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