“Diamonds On the Fourth” With The Fishel Family

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Kenneth Fishel, the owner of Renaissance Properties, and his wife Maria, and son Bradley Fishel welcomed guests to their Bridgehampton, NY estate for their Diamonds On The Fourth Celebration on Independence Day. 

Building on their Summer celebration last year, Diamonds On The Fourth set the benchmark for a Summer Party this season in the Hamptons. Event Designer Preston Bailey is known for his extraordinary ability to transform spaces into theatrical environments did exactly that with a dazzling display of red, white, and blue décor and lighting. Guests were elegantly dressed to meet the dress code of Red, White and Blue – with of course Sparkles. A 1920s style dance troope and performers greeted guests as they arrived and posed for pictures throughout the evening. Guests mingled and enjoyed cocktails and the Fourth of July themed hors d’oeuvres on an evening where the weather changed from rain to perfection just in time.

Dinner was the homage to the All-American Summer BBQ with hamburgers, hotdogs, and lobster rolls served to perfection. Before dinner, guests were thrilled by a dance show at the center of the tented soiree. After dinner was served, Kenneth and Maria Fishel each gave speeches thanking everyone who attended and reminding us of the importance of the freedoms we enjoy, as well as a tribute to Maria and Kenneth’s daughter, Melissa. To complete the evening Live Music and a DJ set the musical tone mixing Classic Americana with modern music courtesy of Jordan Kahn Music.

Notable attendees included: Kenneth, Maria, and Bradley Fishel; Dr. Samuel and Marion Waxman, Candace Bushnell, Ramona Singer, Eric Javitz, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Michael Mailer, Chris Arlotta and Mario Pecoraro, Colleen and Gary Rein, Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Pamela Morgan, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Lauren Day Roberts, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Rick and Deanna Passarelli, Randi Schatz, Paul Forsman, Nurit Kahane, Cristina Cuomo and Missy Lubliner just to name a few.

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