What is the full form of CBBT ?

The full form of CBBT is “Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel”. It is bridge–tunnel crosses a 28.3 km bridge at the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, a port on the Hampton Roads, and the nearby James and Elizabeth Rivers in Virginia, United States -United. . It connects Northampton County and the east coast of the Del Marva Peninsula with … Read more

What is the full form of WWWW?

The full form of WWWW is World Wide Web Worm .It  is one of the premier search engines for the World Wide Web (WWWW). Although some claim it was the first search engine, it was not released until March 1994, when many other search engines were released. It was developed as a research project by Oliver McBryan … Read more

What is the full form of NSS?

 The  NSS stands for  the “National Service Scheme“. It is a public service sponsored by the Indian government and reporting to the Ministry of Youth Sports and Sports. India’s National Service Scheme (NSS) is a partnership that engages middle and high school students in a variety of activities that help them learn about community realities … Read more

What is the full form of NCB?

 The NCB Stands for the Narcotics Control Bureau. It is the main coordinating and intelligence service of the Ministry of Interior of India. The goal is to fight drug trafficking and drug abuse. It was established in March 1986 under Section 4 (3) of the Drugs and Psychological Substances Act, 1985. The headquarters of the Drug Information Administration … Read more

What is the full form of PMO?

The Full Form of PMO is “Project Management Organization“.  It is a group or unit that develops and manages the management structure of each organization. PMOs are responsible for developing best practices and practices to help them work. This is typically accomplished by creating performance plans that provide a framework for carrying out design and … Read more