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What is the full form of THG ?

The full form of THG is “The Honor Guard“. It is also known as the Guard of Honor (US), is also ceremonial guard, is a guard usually of the character of the military, elected to receive or oversee the leader of the State or other senior official. nobody, the deceased. in war . State ceremonies, … Read more

What is the full form of CCC?

The CCC stands for or the  full form of CCC is “Course on Computer Concepts“.  The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (Government), under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has established a CCC course for individuals, designed to facilitate the computer literacy for people who use a computer. By taking these courses, you … Read more

What is the full form of GUI?

 The GUI Stands for or the full form of GUI is “Graphical User Interface“. A graphical user interface (GUI) is a computer that uses symbols, symbols, menus, visual cues, navigation devices, and other graphical representations. ) allows the user to communicate with the computer and view related information and administration. The user interface, unlike the … Read more

What is the full form of ICT?

 The ICT stands for or full form of ICT is “Information and Communications Technology“. This is a full reference as a recalculation, technology system program program and communication system to monitor programs. Etc. This includes which products are managed by digital data, such as mobile phones, robots. The technology cannot be established in a certain … Read more

What is the full form of UPA?

 The  UPA Stands for  the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). It is one of the largest political institutions that form governments in central states. In addition, the UPA was the governing body of India from 2004 to 2014. The party is under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. But Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the UPA. The … Read more

What is the Full Form of LED & LCD?

The full form of LED is “Light Emitting Diode” and The full form of LCD is “Liquid Crystal Display”. And technically LED and LCD televisions are liquid crystal. The basic technology is the same in both TVs, there are two layers of polarized glass where liquid crystals block and pass through light. So, in reality, LED TVs are a … Read more

What is the Full Form of BFF?

 The motto or the Full form of BFF is “Best Friends Forever“. The term BFF is used to describe a relationship between two or more people. Relationships are characterized by trust and support. BFF is a popular name among middle and high school students or their peers (especially girls). Additionally, the word has become popular … Read more

What is the Full Form OF HSC in Education

What is the Full Form OF HSC in Education

The Full Form of HSC is a “Higher Secondary Certificate” board in India. You should know that this is the certification that students receive after completing two years of study in grades 11 and 12 and passing the HSC board of directors. Students have three options to choose from: Science, Business, and the Arts. In … Read more

What is the Full Form Of RTO Office ?

What is the Full Form Of RTO Office ?

 The Department of Motor Vehicles was established under Section 213 (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. The MVA, also known as MVA, is the national governing body. This agency is responsible for ensuring that all provisions of this policy are observed. It is headed by the Director General of Transportation, who heads the RTO … Read more