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Are you looking for business ideas for housewives that really work?

Perfect. Today I am going to present to you a list of Online and Offline  business ideas that women are doing.

No need to rebuild the wheel. Follow our role models to become more personal and accomplished.

  • What is their business?
  •  How did the others get started?
  • How much does their business earn?

They responded nicely, so I created this site. For people like me who are looking for legitimate business ideas for women making money from home and looking for the tools and resources they need to get started, I created this website to tell their stories.

As women  have many abilities and sometimes They need help to narrow down what we really want to do. Here is a list of great business ideas for women at home.

Online: How women earn money sitting at home. How women earn money sitting at home

How women earn money sitting at home, now I am going to tell you 10 offline ways below, which if you do then it is sure that in the coming 1 year you can earn more money than government job.

Online Business Ideas for Women at Home

All these methods that I have mentioned take time and some of them have to be done in a way that means with hard work and mind. So read below how women earn money sitting at home.

1. YouTube.

We think that for you guys or work can be the best in this only you have to make video and upload on youtube. By doing this work well, any woman can earn more than one and a half lakh rupees a month.

Now let us tell you how women can earn money sitting at home. Like you are very expert in cooking and you cook very tasty food like for example let’s say you make breakfast very good if you upload a video of its recipe on YouTube and that video is shared by many people. Let’s see if he likes it, then he will tell his reaction in the comment.

After making a video, now how will you get money from YouTube, then let us tell you that YouTube has some conditions, after fulfilling which any woman or person can earn more than lakhs of rupees from YouTube. What is the terms and conditions tell you there.

To earn money from YouTube, you have to complete 1 thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel. After that the channel will be monetized, then Google Adsense ads will appear on your YouTube channel, now the more clicks you get, the more money you will make and you can take this money in your bank account.

In this way women can earn money sitting at home by putting recipe videos on YouTube.

2. Blogging.

Blogging, this method can be good, women can easily earn money sitting at home. If you do not know about this, then I will tell you a little. If you want to do blogging then you have to take a domain name. After that, you will have to create a blog and write a post on it, when a lot of people will start reading your posts, after that you can earn good money by putting google adsense ad on your blog.

Right now, you are reading this article women earn money sitting at home, you are falling on a blog and I am telling you, then I do blogging too.

When you do blogging, then I will tell you what kind of post you will put on the blog, for example, if you are very much related to education or you like the recipe very much, then whatever recipe you know, how to make it in words You can upload it to the blog by writing, when gradually people will bring your post to read, then you can earn good money from the blog by putting ads in other ways.

If you already want to blogging, that too for free, then I have told below how you can create a free blog.

  1. First of all search on google blogger.com
  2. Now open this site. After which it will be written create a new blog, click on it. How women earn money sitting at home
  3. Now the title name will be asked, enter the name you want to name your blog and click on next. How women earn money sitting at home
  4. In the next page, you will be asked to name the link name of your blog, write that name and then click on next. How women earn money sitting at home
  5. Now your blog is done. Now any theme, which will make your block look good. Now your blog is done. You can earn money by posting in it.

By blogging, people will not believe you more than millions of rupees a month, but if you do it, then you yourself will know how much money you can earn from this. We think that this is the best way for women to earn money sitting at home. If you do not know what blogging is, then a post has been written on it, you can read it.

3. Instagram.

The third way of how women earn money sitting at home is the way to earn money by working on Instagram. You must be thinking that Instagram is a social networking site and how can we earn money from it. It is very easy to earn money from Instagram, so let’s see how you make moneyLet me tell you you can earn.

If you have more than 20 followers on Instagram, then you can have many ways to earn money in it. Money is earned through sponsored posts on Instagram, apart from this, people earn more than 1 lakh rupees by doing affiliate marketing on Instagram.

If you want to know how to earn money from Instagram, then I have written a post on this too, you can read it. I think the method of earning money from Instagram is good for you out of how women earn money sitting at home.

4. Facebook.

By the way, Facebook is also a social networking site and with this we can easily connect with our relatives and relatives. But you will be surprised to know that people earn more than 50000 thousand rupees a month with the help of Facebook.

On Facebook, you can earn unlimited money by doing affiliate marketing on any subject in which you have more knowledge, in which you are more interested, by creating a Facebook page of the same type.

If you have heard the name of affiliate marketing for the first time, then I will tell in short words how affiliate marketing works. In affiliate marketing, you can earn a good commission by buying the product of any other company from your affiliate link to other people. You can join affiliate marketing from your computer or mobile.

How can you do affiliate marketing on Facebook like suppose you have created a Facebook page related to fashion and many people follow that page. In such a situation, if you share a fashion related product with people through your affiliate link and people buy it from your affiliate link, then you will get its commission.

One of the best ways how women can earn money sitting at home, you will not have to work too hard and you can do this work part time.

5. WhatsApp.

Although we use WhatsApp to talk to our relatives, but if we use WhatsApp for our business then there will be a lot of profit. How can you earn money from affiliate marketing, so I have just told above.

In this also you can earn money by promoting the product of any category. For this, you will have to go to the affiliate website and create your affiliate account, after that share the link of the product with your audience, that is, with the help of WhatsApp, if people like the product then they will buy it and in return you will get commission. will get.

6. Telegram.

Telegram is also a chatting application like WhatsApp, but if you have a lot of members in your Telegram channel, then you can earn more than ₹ 100000 per month in both ways through sponsored post from Telegram and through affiliate marketing. .

You will have to work hard to earn as much amount as I said, only then you can earn ₹ 100000 a month from Telegram. How women earn money sitting at home 2021 is the easiest way to earn money from WhatsApp Telegram.

7. Affiliate marketing.

To do affiliate marketing, you must have an audience, the more audience you have, the more profit you will get. People make a profit of 20 to 25000 in a day by selling a product of more than ₹ 100000 in one of their marketing, that is because they have an audience.

Let me tell you the name of some popular affiliate marketing sites. By the way, women can earn money sitting at home by working on the meesho app, in this also the product has to be sold and the more you sell the product, the more money will be made, let me tell the name of the most popular shopping website where you can set up your affiliate account. You can earn money by making and selling the product.

  1. Amazon.
  2.  Flipkart.
  3.  Sanpendal.
  4.  Meesho.

In these four shopping websites, women can earn money by creating an affiliate account, after which the question of how women can earn money sitting at home in 2020, will not come.

8. Quora.

If you have heard its name for the first time, then I give you a little introduction to it, so that you will know what it is for. Quora This is a question and answer platform, here any person can ask his question and get proper answer and only you can answer the question asked by the needy.

How women can earn money from Quora, when you will be constantly active in this application or you will constantly learn something new and learn as well as help people, then after a few days Quora invites you to join your Quora partner program After accepting this invitation, whatever question you ask, you will make that much money.

The more the question is important and useful, the more you will benefit. With Quora, women can easily earn money sitting at home. Women can earn money sitting at home, out of all the ways in this post, or it can be a good way because in this you get money as well as knowledge.

9. Online data entry.

Women can earn money sitting at home through data entry, but to do data entry, you should have the knowledge of operating a computer. In today’s time, companies get people to do data entry jobs, in return for which they pay a lot of money to the worker. Whatever company you are going to do data entry for, that company will give you some information. You will have to write or fill some data in your own way.

If you have a little knowledge of running a computer, then you must do data entry work, if you want to find data entry work, then you have to go to google and type Data Entry Work From Job, after that you will see a list of many companies. You can earn money by working for someone. You have to pay attention that there can be many frauds out of it, so start work keeping a little in mind.

10. Content writing.

If you like to write articles, then you can do content writing work. In content writing, you will have to write a similar post as you are reading a post on how women earn money sitting at home, similarly to writing posts on different topics. So that whatever you tell people easily fit in his mind.

You must have come to your mind for whom we will do content writing. Just now I talked about blogging in the first number above. By the way, if you do blogging then you have to keep many things in mind, but if you do not want to do blogging, then you can earn ₹ 500 a day by writing content for others.

Like now you women have searched on Google how to earn money sitting at home and you must have seen many websites out of them, you have to contact the owner of four or five websites and tell him that I want to write an article for you if he If it is believed then you can earn ₹ 20000 from 15 of the month.

Offline Business Ideas for Women at Home

Now there are many women who do not want to earn money by working online, but want to earn some money by doing some work offline, so for that I have told below 4th date, by doing any of them, women can earn money sitting at home. Huh.

1. Teach the child Tuition.

Nowadays there is an educated and intelligent daughter-in-law in every house, if you are one of them, then it is a very good thing. Many women become free after 10:00 pm and they remain free till 4:00 pm, in the meantime, if they teach tuition to children, it will be a very good thing. By teaching tuition to small children, your mind will always be fresh and good money can come for the month, that is, money can come to run the house.

You can also teach small children from your neighborhood house by manga or you can teach small children of your locality also. If you want to teach more number of children, then tell those children who are already teaching you, all your friends also tell them to come here to study, by doing this the number of students in your tuition will increase. .

2. Teach the computer to the children.

As the era is progressing i.e. it is becoming digital, more and more computer learning has haunted the people. If you have a good knowledge of computer, then you can earn good money by teaching computer to children.

You can start with two-three computers in the beginning, as soon as you start getting money, you can increase the number of computers.

We think women will not try this method out of how to earn money sitting at home.

3. Run yoga classes.

Everyone knows that by doing yoga, our health remains right. And many people like to do yoga, to keep their body fit, that is, to keep it under control, it is very important to do yoga. And today Yoga has become the style of the people.

If you have a good knowledge of yoga, then you can run its tuition. To start a yoga class, you should have a place with a good and calm environment. Come on, you got the idea, we can earn money even by doing yoga.

4. Run a beauty parlor.

If you are a woman, then you must be aware that how much a woman likes her face and she wants to keep it shop and clean at all costs. If you run a beauty parlor at your home, then you will get a lot of customers and win more customers, you will earn more.

If you run a beauty parlor, then you should also have its attention for this, so you can also do this course and you can run a beauty parlor in your home, you can earn more than ₹ 30000 in a month by running a beauty parlor, we think This is a good way for women to earn money sitting at home.

Women, how to earn money sitting at home In this post, you have been told only the way, whichever method you like, it is your job to get information about that method, you can get information from the internet.

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